{image via}  I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to this weekend. It’s funny how a short week can seem so long! This weekend I have big plans… NKOTB concert tomorrow night (hate to admit it, but I love a good boy band), followed by a Yankees game on Sunday, and lots of sunny happy hours with this pup… Frankie…who just so happens to be named after Frank Sinatra.  Speaking of Frank, according to him… Read more »

  I love a good manicure… but I hate the time that you spend in a nail salon, just sitting there, waiting and waiting.   The results are always top notch but sometimes I can’t gather the patience to just sit there.  I would much rather do my nails myself, while catching up on my favorite show, (carefully) perusing pinterest, or chatting with my Mom. Hence why I love a good DIY mani… Don’t get me wrong, going to the… Read more »

I travel (domestically) a lot for work, so you would think the last thing I would want to do is hop on a plane to relax… however its the exact opposite.  I love traveling!  A devoted Delta girl, I must admit I’m a little extremely addicted to sky miles.   Four weeks ago, I booked an impromptu trip to Nicaragua for my boyfriend headed to Aqua Wellness Resort.  Great reviews on Jetsetter, a deal on Sniqueaway, and confirmation from a friend of a friend… Read more »


I like to start off each week with fresh flowers (what girl doesn’t) for our apartment.  This weeks blooms are a personal fav… Peonies! However flowers are not the only “new” thing around here today… after months of wanting to jump back into the game, I am finally giving this blogging thing another try. Third time’s a charm right (I sure hope so)… For weeks now I have been contemplating when to launch… the “look” is exactly as I would… Read more »

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Gilligan’s Island, Puerto Rico – January 2013 I can’t believe its finally happening. I’m jumping head first, back into the blogosphere and couldn’t be more thrilled. In November 2008 I started “Fairytale Wishes & Dreams” a fashion/style blog focused around the things I love. Fast forward to 2013… I’m madly in love with my boyfriend, recently left Brooklyn (gasp!) moved to Long Island City, became addicted to yoga, and continue to move up the ranks at the most fabulous american… Read more »