I hope each and every one of you are enjoying your time with family, friends, and loved ones today!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not just because of the amazing food, but because at the core, it’s about coming together, with those you love, to spend time together and give thanks.  This year, I’m spending thanksgiving in New York, with my boyfriend, recuperating from our recent european adventure and spending time with family in New Jersey.  I… Read more »

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Top : Christine from The Fashion Pledge / Christine from Petite Hues / Fallon from Sage + Sparkle Bottom : Kileen from cute + little / Olivia from Corporate Catwalk / Sydney from Sydney’s Fashion Diary Previous Topics : Leather, Monochromatic The blogger collaboration continues, where 6 bloggers across the US, create a weekly look around a fall trend.  This week we each styled “pastels”, a revolutionary trend- no, but for Fall it’s absolutely a new concept, one which I happen to love! I… Read more »

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This outfit is one of my favorites! I finally got around to photographing this look last weekend, that I wore to Day 1, of the Lucky FABB conference NYC, back in October… with the addition of black tights as it just so happened to be freezing that day! However, I have to admit I was a little scared to try the whole crop top trend at first, but once I realized that it’s all about the right balance I knew… Read more »

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  Yesterday we said au revoir to Paris and ello (hello in my best british acent) to London!  Between the train and the cab, we got to our hotel much later than expected so we didn’t do much last night.  However we are staying in a great location, right in the heart of it all.  Next to Leicester Square, Soho, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Regent St., and Big Ben.  Our location could not be better.  So last night we enjoyed… Read more »

oh, la, la

{image via here} Friday has arrived, ooh-la-la… I hope you all had a wonderful week! As you know, I’m in Paris till Sunday afternoon, then headed off to London, however there have been a few favorites from around the web this week, that I wanted to make sure I shared with you. Excited to find this article, “Top 15 Must-Dos in Paris” at the airport on the way to Paris and even more excited to find the site that posted it,… Read more »

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As you’re reading this, you can bet I’m trying to contain my excitement as I would have spent the morning in Paris… eating croissants, exploring the city, you know, the usual.  It’s crazy that this day is finally here. I have been dreaming of going to Paris my whole life and finally I made it! As mentioned earlier in the week, even though I’m out gallivanting around the city of lights, exploring the unknown, I have planed a few post… Read more »

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Top : Christine from The Fashion Pledge / Christine from Petite Hues / Fallon from Sage + Sparkle Bottom : Kileen from cute + little / Olivia from Corporate Catwalk / Sydney from Sydney’s Fashion Diary Last Week’s Collaboration on Leather.  Wow, I can’t believe this day is finally here… what day is it you ask?  Well, hump day of course (I couldn’t resist), but it also happens to be the second in our blogger collaboration, and the day I leave for Paris, followed… Read more »

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This week I have something extra special for you, an apartment tour of Rachel’s darling apartment, who just so happens to be my little sister (pictured above).  Rachel, 25, recently moved out on her own, for the first time this year, something that we thought would never happen (I kid…lol).  But all joking aside, this is such a proud big sis moment for me.  Two weekends ago, I was home spending some time with my Family, and I had the… Read more »

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  Happy Monday!  My birthday weekend is officially over.  What started as a celebration the week prior in California with my family, continued in Atlanta with a few girls from work at Two Urban Licks, and then into the actually day, jet setting back to NYC to have a wonderful dinner with my love at Catch in the Meat Packing District.  Friday night we had Mexican at Casa Enrique, which is always a treat since I LOVE Mexican but it’s… Read more »

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I feel like it was just yesterday, that I was living in San Francisco, celebrating my 21st birthday and now 8 years later, my little brother who is 21, just returned from a trip to Africa, where he was working in refuge camps, my sister, who is 25 just moved out on her own, and I, now 29, could not be in a more different place. My 20′s have been amazing! I moved out on my own, right out the… Read more »