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As 2013 comes to an end (less than 4 hrs left here on the east coast), like everyone else, I can’t help but take a moment to look back at all the fabulous things that have happened. And well, if we’re being honest, whenever I think back to a particular moment, my first thought is always “what was I wearing?”.  I have been documenting my outfits, in my head, for as long as I can remember, so sharing them with… Read more »


Popping back in again today, to share with you some easy holiday hors d’oeuvres that you can whip up in no time. The week before Christmas, Olivia, Christine, Dana, and I hosted a little NYC Blogger Holiday Party.  The theme was 1960′s Mad Men. Once Olivia picked the theme, I knew I had the perfect outfit… an emerald green shift dress and matching jacket with rhinestone buttons, that belonged to my Great Grandmother (the hat I found day-of and it just… Read more »

sequins-anthropologie top-michael kors-feather skirt

With the ball dropping, in less than 48 hours, it’s time to get your act together and figure out the most important details… what are you going to wear? If you ask me sequins are always a must! Not that I need an excuse like NYE to wear them, but I know for some of you, sequins on a daily basis is a bit much, but now is your chance!  I picked up this top at Anthropologie last week, while… Read more »

red plaid, zara skirt, sequin blazer

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday! I was lucky enough to be able to spend Christmas home, with my family in California, even if it was short and sweet.  We’re headed back to NYC tonight, but before we go, I will for sure be indulging in one two helpings of leftovers and stepping out to enjoy a movie. My sister and I will be seeing Saving Mr. Banks, while the boys decided to opt out and will be… Read more »

kate spade

I want to take this time to tell you how much I truly appreciate you and your continued support of Sage + Sparkle.  I throughly enjoy sharing with you little bits of my life, in hopes that I inspire you to try something new (be it an outfit or recipe) and look at life in a new way.  It’s all about the little things and finding a way to always make every moment sparkle. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas (if… Read more »

plaid, sequins, stripes, kate spade

The finally week leading up to Christmas has been packed for me.  I can imagine the same for you too?  Last week I was in Houston for work, got back Saturday afternoon, headed to a small birthday celebration for a friend that night and then jetted off to California for Christmas with my love Sunday evening.  I’m so happy to be home for Christmas and spend some quality time with my family.  Even more happy that my Grandma + Grandpa… Read more »


Top : Christine from The Fashion Pledge / Christine from Petite Hues / Fallon from Sage + Sparkle Bottom : Kileen from cute + little / Olivia from Corporate Catwalk Previous Topics: Leather / Monochromatic / Pastels / Tartan/Plaid / Mixing Prints& Patterns As we get closer to the official start of winter, layers are a must, especially here in NYC with the recent snow we’ve been getting.  When it comes to layers, you want to take it piece by piece, keeping in mind, each individual piece should be light weight, so that as… Read more »

mens sweater, leather leggings

The last full week before Christmas is here! Can you believe it?!?  I still have so much to do, it’s a little overwhelming, but I also know things will work themselves out, they always do (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself).  When it comes to gifts, I’m doing most of my shopping in California, when we arrive next Sunday.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute. Before my trip home for the holidays, I have one more… Read more »


Growing up, one of my favorite comfort foods that I will never forget is a nice warm helping of Grandma Carmichael’s grits on a cold winter morning.  Most people I find, make their greats a little creamier, but I prefer the more solid consistency of Carmichael Grits.  I was lucky enough to be able to learn from the best growing up, and when it came to grits, my Grandma taught me everything she knew. It has been many years since… Read more »

DIY - christmas - marquee

With the second to last weekend approaching, I’m slightly freaking out over here! I have shopping that I have barely started, parties that I have nothing to wear for, and my christmas tree is still hanging out with just the lights (gotta finish the decorating tonight when I get back from Miami).  All this travel is not helping, when it comes to cross things off my “to-do” list.  However, last weekend I was able to complete this DIY project, inspired… Read more »