A California girl, living and loving a fabulous life in NYC. Former beauty queen turned Director of Training & Visual for a top American Fashion Designer. Addicted to sky miles, taking pictures, and tea. Fasionista to the core. Obsessed with Bikram yoga. Mommy to Frankie – best pup ever. Lover to Joe – best boyfriend ever. Currently balancing a life of travel for work and pleasure while decorating our new #lovenestinthesky.


A lifestyle blog centered around style (fashion & home decor), seizing every opportunity to taste something yummy (cooking, baking, and enjoying), encouragement to explore (in your own backyard and beyond), inspiration to create (DIY), and the importance of a good detox (wellness, yoga, tea, and green juice).

Why Sage? Love the color and the herb, awesome when brewed as tea, and a great motto for life… “wise through reflection and experience”.

Why Sparkle? Why not!

Unless otherwise specified, all content and photographs were created by Fallon Carmichael.  We do our best to link back to photos from other sources. Feel free to use photos from Sage+Sparkle, but please always link back.