A California girl turned New Yorker (est. 2006), living + loving a fabulous life in LIC. Former beauty queen turned Visual Director for a top American Fashion Designer + turned personal stylist, with a total of 13+ years experience in the fashion industry. Addicted to sky miles, taking pictures + tea. Fasionista to the core. Obsessed with Bikram yoga. Mommy to Jayden – best baby ever. Lover to Joe – best husband ever. Currently balancing being a newlywed + new mom.


A lifestyle blog centered around style (fashion & home decor), seizing every opportunity to taste something yummy (cooking, baking, and enjoying), encouragement to explore (in your own backyard and beyond), inspiration to create (DIY), and the importance of a good detox (wellness, yoga, tea, and green juice).

Why Sage? Love the color and the herb, awesome when brewed as tea, and a great motto for life… “wise through reflection and experience”. Why Sparkle? Why not!


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