piperlime collection leopard print sweater, hudson nico jeans, MICHAEL Michael Kors Bromley Boot, J Crew Hat, Shawlsmith London Scarf, Old Navy Bucket Bag

Happy Halloween! While I’m still in Miami, I can’t wait to get back to New York and enjoy my favorite season.  This year for me has been a world wind and with my 30th birthday coming up in two weeks, followed by our trip to Italy, I’m looking forward to this new season in my life. The fall season signifies change and there are quite a few changes that will be taking place in my life in the coming months… Read more »

you will never cross the ocean

I come from a line of people who are afraid of taking risk, but yet somehow I have always been a risk taker.  Taking risk, is something hardwired inside of me – I’m not sure how it got there, but it’s there.  However, when you think about it, the ability to take a risk really is a luxury, one which many people don’t ever have the opportunity to experience. When taking a risk, you must first have the luxury to… Read more »


When you’re a style blogger and you take as many outfit photos as I do a week, it can get challenge to keep your backgrounds new and exciting.  Sunday was one of those days, when I wasn’t sure where I wanted to shoot this look but I also knew it didn’t matter as much, since the look itself, could stand on its own.  I got dressed, grab the camera and headed out the door and BOOM there its was, the… Read more »

Top 10 Leopard Print Coats Fall 14

By now you know, leopard print is my thing, especially when it comes to leopard print coats – I currently own three.  When done right, leopard print really can be worn as a neutral.  A leopard print coat is such a great piece to have as it can work with so many different looks case in point here, here, and here.  I seriously reach for my leopard print coat more than any other coat in my wardrobe. This season there… Read more »

Piperlime Ivy + Blu Scuba Dress, Black Leather Jacket, MICHAEL Michael Kors, C Wonder Clutch

The older you get, there will be years that you may not want to dress up for Halloween, or maybe you just don’t have the time to pull together a look. With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, I will just be traveling back home, after spending the week in Miami for work and while I haven’t officially decided, it looks like dressing up this year is not in the cards for me. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t… Read more »

Dex Sheer Panel Top, mimi&mo, camo denim, zara, c wonder clutch, leopard print, monogram

Man, this week went by fast.  I mean, not that I’m complaining or anything, but I feel like I blinked and it was the weekend again {insert happy dance here}. So tell me, what’s on your agenda for the weekend? I’m finishing up a 3 day juice cleanse today, so I’m looking forward to easing my way back into food, by trying out some of these delicious soups.  We’re also planning a trip update to the pumpkin patch + to… Read more »

foodie soup recipe round up

Check out 10 Fall Soups to Make This Weekend by Fallon Carmichael at Foodie.com The days are getting shorter and the nights longer and with that the temperatures are also getting colder, which can only mean one thing – Fall is in full swing and (dare I say it) Winter is around the corner.  I know, I know, you hate me for even saying that, but the reality is, its gonna happen so lets all join together, and enjoy Fall… Read more »

Dex Sheer Panel Long Sleeve Top, mimi&mo, Nordstrom Skirt, BCBG, Shoes, Maxxinista

Thankfully, technology is back to working in my favor this morning (yay), which brings me to look two, in my latest “One Top, Three Way’s series.  It’s so hard for me to choose, as I love each look, but this all black ensemble, in chic in a way, that the others can not compare. I got this skirt from Nordstrom months ago and have yet to wear it on the blog – so unlike me.  I guess I can attribute… Read more »

Dex Long Sleeve Top, mimi&mo, j crew, MICHAEL Michael Kors, Banana Republic

Have you ever experienced a time, when you had all the best intentions to do something, and the universe said “not today”?  Well, this morning was one of those moments for me.  I originally planed for this post to go live earlier today, but technology was not working in my favor and for some reason my site kept timing out. So, I posted my latest style video to YouTube and continued on with my day. But, now home and getting… Read more »

pumpkin + poppy seed croissants

I have been seriously slacking on my “12 Weeks of Pumpkin” this year, but there are six weeks left and I plan to finish with a bang – starting today! Today’s post features not one, but two pumpkin recipes – that’s gotta count for something, right? Over the weekend, I picked up this pumpkin cookbook from Eataly and was instantly inspired.  The Pumpkin Poppy Crescent Rolls were the first thing that stood out to me, but with only an hour… Read more »