DIY - christmas - marquee

With the second to last weekend approaching, I’m slightly freaking out over here! I have shopping that I have barely started, parties that I have nothing to wear for, and my christmas tree is still hanging out with just the lights (gotta finish the decorating tonight when I get back from Miami).  All this travel is not helping, when it comes to cross things off my “to-do” list.  However, last weekend I was able to complete this DIY project, inspired… Read more »

DIY, video, how to, tie a scarf

DIY: Faux Infinity Scarf from Fallon Carmichael on Vimeo. How many times have you went to wear a scarf, but decided not too because you weren’t sure what to wear it with or how to tie it?  This past weekend while in California with my family, I was showing my mom the pictures of the outfit I posted earlier today… and her first response was “I love the look, but I don’t think I could pull off a scarf”… my… Read more »

cupcake decorating, halloween

Halloween came way to quickly, if you ask me… The last thing I remember it was August, the leaves were starting to turn, Fall was about to begin and then I blinked and now it’s about to be November.  With Halloween, that now means we are 15 days from my birthday and only 3 weeks from Paris/London.  This girl is going to be crazy busy in the next three weeks trying to get everything done before then, including planning our… Read more »

DIY-mask, DIY-ears, zebra-costume, halloween

  Halloween is two days away!  Yes… only two! And if you’re like me, you have been too crazed to even begin to think about what you’re going to be.  With Halloween falling on a Thursday, many celebrated last week, many will celebrate this weekend (some both… no judgement), and some will stick to handing out candy to trickier-treaters.  However you choose to celebrate, don’t let not having a costume stop you.  When trying to decided what I could dress… Read more »


With Halloween less than three days away, I’m so excited to share with your this quick and easy DIY pet costume that you can make in minutes. Is it just me, or has October flown by so quickly, it’s been hard to keep up? Just yesterday morning, I thought it was October 20th, then was informed that it was actually the 27th…. the twenty-seventh!  Really?!?  That meant that I completely missed the doggie Halloween costume contest at the LIC Flea… Read more »


  Over the weekend, as you know, the boy and I packed up and headed outside to enjoy the amazing weather.  I have been looking for the perfect picnic basket for weeks now, and everything I seemed to come across that fit my style, was out of my price range at the moment.  It had to be functional, yet stylish… no added plastic cups, plates, etc.  I have all of that, plus that whole look is way to matchy-matchy for… Read more »