you will never cross the ocean

I come from a line of people who are afraid of taking risk, but yet somehow I have always been a risk taker.  Taking risk, is something hardwired inside of me – I’m not sure how it got there, but it’s there.  However, when you think about it, the ability to take a risk really is a luxury, one which many people don’t ever have the opportunity to experience. When taking a risk, you must first have the luxury to… Read more »

rainy day quote

Gloomy days call for a little motivation.  Getting out of bed on a rainy day can seem like an  impossible task.  Which is exactly the feeling I felt this morning.  Whenever this happens to me, I grab my phone and head to pinterest.  Why, you ask?  I  know it may seem counterproductive to get on pinterest as motivation to get out of bed… you’re probably thinking, doesn’t that derail your original goal as you get side tracked by image after… Read more »

chase your dreams

What a powerful statement, right!?  I’m sure you have heard this before, or a variation of it, but it’s so true.  So true in fact, that I felt compelled to share it with you today, or maybe it was that I was compelled to say it to myself… either way, I hope at least one of you benefits from this little bit of motivation today. My name is Fallon, and I am a dreamer.  But the secret to my success… Read more »

Weekend Browse 5.2.001

S T Y L E  After seeing Wendy’s neon lemon look mixed with a reddish-orange color, I can’t wait to try this combination! Such a fresh way to wear neon. T A S T E I have been waiting to try a cauliflower crust pizza forever now, and after coming across my 10th or so recipe for it, I know that I MUST give it a try.  Hoping to talk my love into trying it for dinner this weekend. And as… Read more »

Weekend Browse 5.1 .001

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Mine has been packed with a Reebok event in Chelsea, a Princess party in Jersey, and plans of brunch, flea market shopping, photos shoots, and a little lots of spring cleaning. Here are a few links from around the web that have been adding a little sparkle to my week… S T Y L E With a trip to the Bahamas and then Mexico on the horizon, I’m loving these global-chic bags! The beaded clutch, in… Read more »


It’s a rainy, dreary day here in new york. Today is one of those days when I wish I would just stay home and curl up on the couch with a good book, like this one (which I know I’m late on), and warm cup of tea… but alas, duty calls and I’m off to work, but not without sharing a little message that has been inspiring me lately. It’s been a few weeks, since the last “finding sage” post, making… Read more »

Weekend Browse 4.4.001

S T Y L E Bright eye liner is a trend I have been wanting to try for Spring/Summer… even more so after reading this easy “How-To” from Byrdie. T A S T E If hoping on a plane is part of your near future, these Recipes and Tips for Healthy Travel are a great read, and total worth it even if you don’t have a trip planed. E X P L O R E  The jet setter in me, was jumping for joy,… Read more »

Weekend Browse 4.3 | Sage + Sparkle

  S T Y L E Loving this combination, from Wendy’s Lookbook… Something I could totally recreate with pieces already in my closet. T A S T E In the spirit of Easter, why not enjoy a few Bunny Tails, via Lemon Drop Love.  The look and sound delicious! Plus, Jen (of Lemon Drop Love) is currently a food contributor for MadeByGirl, so we have a few things in common as I contributed for the 6 months prior. E X P L… Read more »

Weekend Browse 4.2.001_Link Love_ Sage + Sparkle

S T Y L E Loving Oliva’s simple-chic, casual look (done two ways)! You can’t go wrong with a gray t-shirt and light distressed denim. Not to mention, the pic’s were taken in my beloved Brooklyn… what’s not to love? T A S T E Asparagus, egg, and bacon salad- um… yes, please! Can’t wait to try this amazing looking dish. E X P L O R E Let’s all be a weekender, a-la Miss Kris Turner! So inspired to plan a little… Read more »

Weekend Browse 3.4.001

S T Y L E I was pretty bummed to miss Garance Doré’s open studio, featuring her new stationary line, this past Friday/Saturday. I was battling with myself on going vs. catching up on sleep, and well, sleep won. But the good news is all of the goods are available online.  My favorites are this desk calendar, girls card set, and the front row notepad. T A S T E How delicious does this look… and it’s super healthy too!  Pasta without the… Read more »