Last month, my love and I had the privilege of attending Le Dîner en Blanc in NYC.  I say privilege, because not everybody gets the opportunity to attend.  An estimated 4,800 people attended the event, but over 30,000 people were on the wait list! You have to either be a member, meaning you attending the year before, or be invited by a member – which still doesn’t guarantee you entry, but just gives you the chance to purchase a ticket. Luckily… Read more »


Summer is moving full speed ahead (I can’t believe today is the last day of July) and so is what is now unofficially being refereed to as “picnic week”, on Sage & Sparkle.  Are you sick of hearing about picnic’s yet?  No?  Okay, good.  Me neither… However don’t be too sad, today is the last day I have picnic related thoughts to share with you, so sit back and listen up.  It may be a few weeks before you hear… Read more »

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Who knew Monday nights could be so fun?… My friend Katrina and I went to SummerStage in Central Park Monday night, to see indie group She & Him.  I adore Zooey Deschanel, I mean who doesn’t, so I was beyond thrilled to go.  Katrina just  so happened to be off Monday so I put her in charge of bringing the snacks (no way were we passing up an opportunity for a low key picnic in Central Park) and I was in… Read more »


  Four day weekends should happen more often, they leave you feeling so relaxed and ready for whatever the week ahead may have in store.  The fact that I got to see major fireworks probably didn’t hurt either.  Fireworks always make me happy! Although, the Monday after a 4 day weekend is never fun… especially when you wake up early, hightail it to Yoga, only to find out the 7am class was cancelled!!! WHAT?!?  How can that be! This really… Read more »

  Another great weekend over here at Sage & Sparkle!  Quality time with my love, my best gal pal, and my favorite little one…. What more could a girl ask for? I had so much fun putting together this post last week that I thought I would make this a weekly post.  It’s nice to be able to look back at the weekend and enjoy it all over again. The perfect way to start a Monday… My Weekend in an… Read more »

  Why is it that Monday always arrives sooner than we would like???  Summer in NY is usually brutal, by my standard, as I’m not a fan of humidity.  However, (knock on wood) this summer has been quite alright with me.  Now, I could do with a few less rainy days, but if it means putting up with a few to have gorgeous sunny (non-humid) days like this weekend… then I’ll take it! Last week MC of “Pearls, Diamonds, and… Read more »