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While my boyfriend and I have only lived together for a year now, we never fully finished decorating our bedroom.  When I first set out to decorate the room, I wanted it to be bright and happy.  We started by painting the walls a soft yellow with the intent to decorate the rest of the room in white and grey with dark wood accents.  Shortly after we painted the wall, I changed my mind – that was a year ago… Read more »

How to Summer Flower Arrangement, Sage + Sparkle

Typically Sunday’s are my day of choice when it comes to picking up flowers for the apartment… But every now and then, I need a mid-week pick me up, which is exactly what happened last Thursday.  I can’t exactly say which flowers it was that pulled me into to the deli that day, but somehow I walked out with 4 different bundles and a HUGE smile on my face.  It’s wonderful how happy something as simple as flowers can make you…. Read more »

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This week I have something extra special for you, an apartment tour of Rachel’s darling apartment, who just so happens to be my little sister (pictured above).  Rachel, 25, recently moved out on her own, for the first time this year, something that we thought would never happen (I kid…lol).  But all joking aside, this is such a proud big sis moment for me.  Two weekends ago, I was home spending some time with my Family, and I had the… Read more »

  I’m sure you are all aware by now, that Instagram launched a new video feature yesterday, pretty exciting, right? What’s also exciting is that on Sage & Sparkle I’m featuring my first video today… perfect timing if I do say so myself. Video in general, be it an online tutorial set to vintage music with cool graphics, whimsical fashion promo videos, or most recently “Ask Emily” by Cupcakes and Cashmere, I love it all! So it was only natural… Read more »

It’s friday and the weekend forecast for New York, is sunny and with a high of 80 degrees! Woo Hoo!!  I have a lot to accomplish before Monday morning as next week is filled with two video shoots, including voiceover recording for work, which means there will be early mornings followed by long days, with no time to breath in between.  However, don’t worry, Sage & Sparkle will operate as usual. Gearing up for the weekend, as promised last week,… Read more »

  Last Wednesday my BBF and I decided that Sunday would be the perfect day for a girls brunch!  First let me give you a brief background on who  my BFF is… Yaz Quiles, simply put, a event planning extraordinaire!  When Yaz is planning,  be it an intimate brunch for six ladies or an extravagant wedding for thousands of people, there are a few things you can be sure of… One, there will be a theme. Two, the table setting… Read more »

Table, Chairs, Cabinet – Ikea, Sputnik Chandelier, Zebra Hair Calf Rug (similar here) April was a big month for me… not only had I recently left Brooklyn, my first NYC love, but my boyfriend and I moved in to our first apartment together, which we have appropriately named “Love Nest in the Sky”… mainly do to the fact that we have a corner apartment, with floor to ceiling windows in a high rise overlooking the east river. Yes, its a… Read more »

1957 Thayer Coggin Design – Stem Table Mid-century modern is here to stay!  Good honest furniture paired with great design, and comfort – what’s not to love?! Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Thayer Coggin event at Circle Furniture in Boston (part of 23 city road show), “Celebrating 60 years of Modern Furniture” hosted by Phil Miller, VP of Sales & Marketing for Thayer Coggin.  What a treat!  Not only was a Phil an excellent speaker, but… Read more »