DTLA Where to Eat

If you follow me on instagram, then you know that I am often in a different city at least 2 times a month- sometimes once a week.  One of my favorite parts of traveling is experiencing different restaurants.  One week I may be in Los Angeles and the next a little town in the middle of Tennessee, but regardless of the size of the town, there is always something delicious to taste.  As a result of my loves for experience new… Read more »

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Check out 12 Summer Seafood Dishes by Fallon Carmichael at Foodie.com Lately, it seems like all I have been doing is eating.  Between trips to New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati over the last two weeks, let’s just say I have been staying pretty well feed.  One of the common threads amongst all of the amazing dishes I have had lately is that they have all been sea food.  In New Orleans, naturally seafood was on the menu for basically… Read more »

Cocktails + Summer Bookclub

I’ve wanted to be a part of a book club, for as long as I can remember – so much so, that I think it’s about time I start a book club of my own – now if only I could add an extra day or two to each month, so that I had the time to make it happen.  Minor details, that we will just have to set aside for now. As you know, I have partnered with Mode… Read more »

Bloody Mary Popsicle Recipe Quick Pop Maker

With it being the first full week following a long holiday weekend, I thought we could all use a little hump day happy hour… aka. a reason to celebrate.  With that said, today I’m sharing a delicious cocktail recipe using my new favorite kitchen gadget – the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. As I’m sure you remember, I have partnered with Pinnacle Vodka this summer to share with you was cocktail recipes that will be the start of your next impromptu… Read more »

Strawberry Yogurt Cream Pie Recipe, Sage + Sparkle

When it comes to summer deserts, the easier the better, right! And even better than easy, is when the desert comes with as little guilt as possible.  {Insert yogurt cream pie here}. Who loves strawberries and cream?  Anybody?  Well, I know I do and when you get crust involved, how can you go wrong.  This summer dessert is so easy to make – you’ll be prepped and ready in under 10 min and then 2 hrs later you will be… Read more »

avocado mango green tea popsicles

Over the weekend, I finally bought a Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  I have been wanting one forever, but with all the accessories, the price can really add up.  When it comes to purchasing something that isn’t necessarily a need, I had a rule  - I wait on it and if over a certain period of time I find that I still want it, I bit the bullet and make the purchase. With this particular item, I waited a year!  Crazy… Read more »

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Check out 12 Summer Fruits + Veggies Recipes by Fallon Carmichael at Foodie.com Happy July 1st!  With summer in full swing it’s time to start thinking about all of fabulous dishes you can make with summer fruit + vegetables.  I try to cook seasonally whenever possible keeping my meals local, organic, and fresh. My favorite Summer Fruits + Veggies: Peaches Blueberries Cucumbers Summer Squash Peaches Beets Avocado Corn Lucky for you, I have partnered with Foodie to share with you… Read more »

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Just getting back from Mexico last night, I had a bit of a late start this morning.   Getting back into the swing of things after a relaxing vacation is tough! I have so much to share with you from this weekend… starting with the fact that Olivia’s wedding was absolutely perfect and I’m so happy I was able to be a part of her special day.  Check back throughout the week for a glimpse into our long weekend in… Read more »

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Check out 12 Guilt-Free Frozen Summer Desserts by Fallon Carmichael at Foodie.com I feel like I say this every month and if I went back and looked, I would bet money that I’m right… but, can you believe it’s June already?!?  Where does the time go!  I swear it was just January and I was working on my list of goals for the year ahead, and now the year is already halfway done.  Note to self… reevaluate said goal list…. Read more »


Check out 15 Mocktails for a Girls' Night In by Fallon Carmichael at Foodie.com Why is it so hard to get through the week, coming off of a holiday weekend? You would think that 4 days would go by quicker that 5 but for some reason, they never do.  But what about if you had a little mid-week get together with your favorite gals?  That would sure help push the week along, right?! Today I’m sharing with you a collection… Read more »