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Check out 10 Pies Perfect for Thanksgiving by Fallon Carmichael at Foodie.com Thanksgiving (the official kick-off to the holiday season in the US) is less than a week away + that means it time to get your pie recipes in order. While I’m admittedly more of a hearty food lover than a sweat lover, I have recently come to appreciate a delicious treat. When it comes to the holidays, pie is my go-to, with the crust being my favorite part…. Read more »

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I have been so bad this year with my “12 Weeks of Pumpkin” but I promise, it has been for good reason – life has been moving at such a fast past lately that it has been hard to keep up, much less, slow down to make a recipe or two before sunset.  However, you know I wouldn’t completely leave you hanging + I promise this recipe has been worth the wait. Disclaimer:  Please excuse the photos.  They’re not my… Read more »

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Check out 10 Fall Soups to Make This Weekend by Fallon Carmichael at Foodie.com The days are getting shorter and the nights longer and with that the temperatures are also getting colder, which can only mean one thing – Fall is in full swing and (dare I say it) Winter is around the corner.  I know, I know, you hate me for even saying that, but the reality is, its gonna happen so lets all join together, and enjoy Fall… Read more »

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I have been seriously slacking on my “12 Weeks of Pumpkin” this year, but there are six weeks left and I plan to finish with a bang – starting today! Today’s post features not one, but two pumpkin recipes – that’s gotta count for something, right? Over the weekend, I picked up this pumpkin cookbook from Eataly and was instantly inspired.  The Pumpkin Poppy Crescent Rolls were the first thing that stood out to me, but with only an hour… Read more »

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When a coworker told me about FEED Supper, I knew I had to participate.  While I had lofty goals of hosting a dinner party, I didn’t have much time so I ended up hosting a dinner for two… i.e. a typically night, but amped up with a purpose.  It was nice to not only put a little more effort into a weeknight meal for just the two of us, but the best part was really the conversations we had focused… Read more »


I have been majorly slacking on my pumpkin recipes this year! For some reason, Fall seems to be headed in the same direction of Summer – passing by WAY to fast.  This weekend, I plan to put a stop to it.  Fall is my favorite season and I refuse to let it pass me by. After receiving a few emails wondering where my pumpkin recipes were for the season and after this weekend, I promise I will be back on… Read more »

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Why should the boys have all the fun when it comes to poker night?  After seeing this video High Roller from Pinnacle Vodka, I knew I needed to have a girl’s night in, poker night of my own. Full disclosure, I just played poker for the first time, this past 4th of July and since we just played for fun and not for money, I loved it! Card games and cocktails with your best girlfriends = fun…. Gambling = not… Read more »

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With the hint of Fall in the air, I can’t help but dream of escaping away for a weekend glamping trip – enjoying s’mores + a cocktail, by a campfire with friends.  But since my schedule wont allow for that at the moment, why not bring the glamping to me, right? Glamping in your living room is easy, with friends + the right cocktail. When your cocktail is inspired by your favorite glamping treat, s’mores, not much else is needed. … Read more »

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As we enter mid-September, you know what that means around these parts… Pumpkin Season is in full swing!  But since I know many of you are not quite ready to let go of summer, I decided to ease into my “12 Weeks of Pumpkin” this year, by starting with a few post on Instagram and now featuring my first recipe of the season. Keep reading for the recipe… 

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It seems that there are quite a few Virgo’s in my life.  Starting with Labor Day weekend, which was my loves birthday, followed by celebrating my Mom’s birthday this past weekend and pretty much 1-2 birthdays a week, till the end of the month – as such, I thought it was appropriate I learned how to whip up a festive cocktail. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being in California – spending time with my Mom for her birthday…. Read more »